Real estate expertise is an essential competence in our profession

We offer the following services :

Property valuations

In real estate transactions a professional valuation or appraisal is the starting point and an essential step.

Property Survey

The property servey is a written, clear and complete description of the condition of a property.
Immo Isca can help you in all objectivity with the following type of surveys :

What is my home worth?

Not an easy question to answer.
“A property is worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it!” So much is true, but… how much would that be exactly ?

The person that is worst placed to estimate the value of a property… is the owner himself : he has an emotional attachment with the home and will most probably overestimate its value.

According to the IPI private owners in general overestimate their real estate by at least 10%. Being overpriced, these homes stay on the market longer and turn out “worth less” in the end.

What about internet valuation tools?

Use those tools only as a first approach, just to get an idea of the value of your property.Internet calculations tools do not consider the unique value and characteristics of a home: those specific criterials cannot be found in public databases.
The outcome of the calculation might not really be trustworthy !
It is clear that those free “estimations” can never replace the appraisals of experienced professionals who actually come on site to examine your complete home in and outside for an estimation !

Do not take any risk and hire the services of a pro for an important event as a property value estimation !
Immo Isca can help you with :

  • Property value estimation before sales/ purchases (plots of land, homes, apartments, commercial properties, …)
  • Rental appraisal

Take advantage of our years of experience and our knowledge of the local real estate market.
We give professional, independent and realistic advice and establish clear and objective expert appraisals.
Our reports are motivated by different issues and aspects that justify property values :

What can you find in this report?

  • Location
  • style
  • land register data
  • a description of the estate
  • possible points of comparison
  • the different points of capital gain and/or loss
  • a sketch
  • a photographic report,

How much do we charge?

If the valuation is part of a transaction in which our agency is involved, we offer the valuation free of charge ! If the professional value estimation is required for other purposes, you pay the amount we agreed on.

Ingoing Inventory of furniture, fixtures and fittings

Before taking possession of a rented place, it is mandatory to establish an “Ingoing Inventory of furniture, fixtures and fittings “ (Plaatsbeschrijving – Etats des lieux).

We make a contradictory and objective report, to best preserve the interests and rights of both owner and tenant.
The report is a complete and accurate description, including :

  • the state of maintenance and cleanliness of the property
  • the materials used
  • the different equipment and their condition
  • the reading of various meters and calorimeters
  • the number of keys handed over to the tenant
  • specific maintenance recommendations
  • a photographic report


The “outgoing” inventory is based on the “ingoing” inventory.
We take down any damage caused during the occupation (rental damage) and determine the compensation payable by the tenant, taking into account the normal use of the premises, “Wear and tear”, depreciation and the quality of the materials and their implementation.

Acquisitive inventory

More and more we are asked to establish an acquisitive inventory, particularly in the context of a “difficult” sale.

This inventory consists of a full description of the property you committed to, its state of cleanliness and constructive maintenance, the decorations and equipment, etc. The contradictory report can be attached to the “compromis de vente” (sales agreement) or included as a special clause. This way any unpleasant surprises can be avoided at the time ownership is transferred, the “acte authentique” (deed).

Before and after works

In case there will be construction or renovation works, works in the street going on, … determining the state of your property right before the works start is highly recommended.
At your request (or at the other party’s request), we establish a contradictory report that describes the constructive state of your property before the work begins.

Once the work is completed, we establish the so-called “recolement” or proofing to determinate any damage caused by the works. Based on the damage caused, we can deliver a motivated state of loss.

You need a property valuation or an inventory?
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