Letting without inconveniences : enjoy the profit of your investment without worrying!

Managing your property has become a burden to you? You prefer to have it all dealt with by professionals?
Why not hire the services of a managing agent to work on your behalf?

We offer a highly professional management service, designed to take care of any day-to-day problems.
We take care of liaising with tenants and of all administrative, financial and technical aspects of letting.
It is our job to handle all this, so you do not have to.

Private property Management

Vacancy problems ? Uncontrolled expenses ? Annoying complaints ?  Repair requests ?
There is more to managing a property than only collecting the rent !

Via ISCA Management Services we relieve investors of many of the worries of letting.
We give them peace of mind through our experience and knowledge.
We act as the lynchpin between the owner of the property and the tenants who are renting it.


The syndic is responsible for the management of the common parts in properties in co-ownership.

As Syndic, we optimize the well-being and good functioning of the entire co-ownership.

More info about the service we offer?

We are in general responsible for :

  • Tenant Relations
  • All administrative aspects
  • Rental Expertise
  • Maintenance/technical aspects
  • Financial and legal aspects

You can chose to only hand over certain tasks to ISCA Management Services and handle some aspects yourself.
Or, you can pass full responsibility to us.

The specific contract and the selection of the services determined in the contract, depend on your choice.
The costs depend on which services you buy into.

We can provide the full range of management service.

Basic of Full management services?

We offer services as part of a package or as extras, from “Basic service” to “Full management services”

  • Advertising your property to potential tenants
  • Sourcing suitable and reliable tenants for the property
  • Accompanying potential tenants to view the property
  • Obtaining references and conducting credit checks on potential tenants
  • Providing you with information on the latest safety regulations
  • Drawing up rental contracts
  • Organising and managing the collection of the tenant’s deposit
  • Completing an inventory and condition report ( état des lieux/beschrijvende staat van de huurwoning)
  • Checking in the tenant
  • Collecting the monthly rent from the tenant
  • Transferring the rental income to your account and providing you with statements of account
  • Yearly indexing of the rent
  • Verifying insurances
  • Reviewing and paying invoices and expenses
  • Drawing up clarifying specification of the expenses
  • Settlement of maintenance costs that have been made
  • Managing and arranging any necessary repairs , and maintenance tasks at very short notice if necessary
    ->For these assignments ISCA management Services work with reliable people and maintenance companies
  • Inspecting the property periodically on your behalf for its condition and state and feeding back any comments to you
  • Providing tenants with notice at the end of the lease
  • Inspection of the property at the end of the lease – Outgoing property servey
  • Re-letting the property as quickly as possible and minimising any ‘down-time’
  • Dealing with legal aspects of the tenancy/property, including evictions, non-payment, harassment or problems with squatters
  • Provide professional advice and guidance throughout the duration of our relationship

What services do we provide as Syndic ?

  • We represent the association of co-owners
  • We organize meetings with the co-owners
  • We manage the common areas and communal services (hallways, lobby, lifts,…)
  • We organize the maintenance and care for the condition of the building
  • We take care of the technical and administrative management of communal equipment and services
  • We follow up on the regulations in accordance with the building rules and regulations


In need for some help with your property  ? Do not hesitate to contact us, we just might have the solution for you!
Via ISCA Management Services we manage your properties for you, ensuring your complete peace of mind.