Looking for a property to rent ?

Discover our “Easy rental service” !
We deal with furnished and unfurnished, short and long term, in Belgium or abroad, and even holiday rentals.

Immo Isca assists you in an efficient way to find the home that is the best fit for your needs.
We help you compare rental rates, amenities and neighborhoods without you wasting time and money, nor exploring options that do not fit your budget or your lifestyle.

Renting a property can sometimes be a little daunting, it can be a complicated process,  but if you make your list, plan well and know what to expect you’ll simplify the process of securing your perfect rental home !
Together we will find your dream property!



Find out more on the different steps of the rental process

STEP 1: Set your budget

Determine what you can afford!
Here is some questions that you should expect to hear from landlords, and thus prepare the answers for

  • What is your monthly income?
  • Is your income stable and regular?
  • Is your income sufficient to cover both rental fee and the charges/costs?
  • Will you have the security deposit and first month’s rent available upon move-in?

Also think of the additional costs:

  • Costs and charges: costs of energy (Utility bills), maintenance, yearly share in assessed common charges
  • Fire Insurance
  • Yearly indexation

STEP 2: Determine your search criteria

What are the needs and wants for you and your family? What is important?

  • Should your home be in a quiet area, or do you prefer the city life?
  • Close to work in town or is a little further out OK, if that means open views or a big fenced garden?
  • Close to international schools?
  • Close to public transport?

To live comfortably, …:

  • How many bedrooms and baths do you need ?
  • Do you want a bonus room?
  • How many garage spaces do you require, if any?
  • What kind of kitchen do you prefer? …

STEP 3: Start your search!

You need access to rentals that are just coming on the market and an intimate knowledge of the city to find the best rentals.

We will set up a selection of properties based on your personal searching criteria.

Did you discover a property in our listings that is most appealing to you?  Contact us to organize a visit!
We will gladly accompany you and inform you thoroughly on the property itself, its surroundings, the schools, shopping possibilities, etc.

STEP 4: Interested in renting the place you visited?

Everything about the property you just looked at is perfect?
The location is great, the layout is ideal, and the square footage is more than adequate?
You want to rent it?

Ask for our application form and fill out for the best.
This info-form meets the recommendations of the Belgian Privacy Commission.
Based on the provided objective information, we draw a complete file and hand it over to the owner of the selected property for approval.

STEP 5: The lease - Rental contract!

  • If the owner believes that you will be a good fit for his property, he will approve your application.
  • We prepare the lease- the rental contract.
  • We send the concept of this lease to you and the owner, so that remarks can be made and questions asked.
  • Before signing, we review the lease all together.
  • When everything is clear, all parties sign.

Congratulations!  You have found a new place to stay!

STEP 6: After signing the lease

Arrived at this point, you are only a few small steps away from moving in:

  • Subscribe to an insurance that covers your liability as a tenant: risks of “floods, fire, explosion,…”.
  • Organize opening of/transferring the meters for gas, electricity and water.
  • Inventory:  ingoing survey
  • Registration of the lease : the owner’s liability and we look into it.

STEP 7: What else should you think of before moving in?

It is not a bad idea to already have some works executed before moving homes.
That way, you can get into in a nice fresh home, and moving in will feel great!

Do not hesitate to ask us for any advice – we can definitely help you with:

  • The phenomenon “Home staging”
  • Renovation and refreshing works
  • Garden: maintenance and more

We assist you with the right advice depending on your specific situation and personal needs. 
We work with professionals only !