You wish to buy?

A plot of land, a suitable commercial property,…an investment ? Maybe you are looking for a new home? In Belgium, or do you prefer to live abroad ? Choosing the right home at the right location is a strongly determining factor to keep all of your family members happy !

Immo Isca helps you find the property that meets your needs.
To ensure you make the right choice for the long term, we offer extensive knowledge.

We know the neighborhood you are screening very well : we perfectly know the market, what properties that are for sale, and the market prices. We can inform you on all details and are able to answer your specific questions. We are ready to make a full-time commitment to help you capitalize on current market opportunities and assist you in making an informed decision.

More about the different steps in the buying process

STEP 1: Set your budget

How much do you intend to invest?  Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much savings do I have ?
  • What monthly payments you I afford ?

If you need a loan, get your information in time :

  • “How much can I borrow ?
  • Would I be Pre-Approved for a Mortgage ?
  • Do I have debts already ? If your debt-to-income ratio is too high, you’ll be denied for the loan.
  • How did you plan to pay the deposit and the registration fee (registratierechten/droits d’enregistrement)?

Also think of the additional costs:

  • Settlement costs: stamp duties, mortgage costs etc.
  • Life-Insurance, Fire Insurance
  • Administration costs (what your bank is charging for drawing up your loan)
  • Land Taxes

Once you have a better vue on your situation, you know perfectly how much you can afford. Go for it : start your search for the perfect place !

STEP 2: Determine your search criteria

What are the needs and wants for you and your family ? What is important in your new home ?

  • Should your home be in a quiet area, or do you prefer the city life ?
  • Close to work in town or is a little further out OK, if that means open views or a big fenced garden ?
  • Close to international schools ?
  • Close to public transport ?

To live comfortably , … :

  • How many bedrooms and baths do you need ?
  • Do you want a bonus room ?
  • How many garage spaces do you require, if any ?
  • What kind of kitchen do you prefer ?

STEP 3: Start your search!

We will set up a selection of properties based on your personal searching criteria. Did you discover a property in our listings that is most appealing to you ? Contact us to organize a viewing ! We will gladly accompany you and inform you thoroughly on the property itself, its surroundings. the schools, shopping possibilities, etc.

STEP 4: Interested in buying the place you visited ?

Everything about the house you just looked at is perfect? The location is great? The layout is ideal, and the square footage is more than adequate? You’re ready to make an offer (Aankoopbod /Offre d’achat) and you want to do it now, before another offer comes in. For this purpose, to make sure that it is complete, you best use our form.  Ask us for it. Watch out !  This commitment to buy is binding – if you back out of a purchase after signing a commitment, you can lose any fees involved and more ! You can anticipate and insert suspensive conditions in your offer. In the event of a sale under suspensive conditions, until all the suspensive conditions have been met, the sale cannot proceed. E.g. You could turn in an offer with the fact of obtaining a loan as suspensive condition.

STEP 5: Negotiations

We inform the landlord of your offer.  He might reject your offer and give a counteroffer of a price a little higher than yours. You can agree to that or counteroffer again, offering slightly less. The process continues until you’ve either both agreed or neither side will budge, in which case the deal has fallen through. In order to close the deal successfully, negotiating is the key word ! Assisting in these sometimes delicate negotiations,  Immo Isca is playing a crucial role : The seller wants the best price, you want the best deal… We negotiate the best scenario for both parties. To avoid that the deal falls through, be prepared to compromise:  we negotiate with the purpose to come to a price that is acceptable to both parties.  We try to come to a win-win agreement. “win-win” doesn’t mean both the buyer and the seller will get everything they want. It means both sides will win some and give some.  That way both you and the buyer feel good about what has been accepted.

STEP 6: Sales agreement and “Option”

If your offer is accepted -you and the seller agreed on the price and modalities of the sale, we draw up the sales agreement (verkoopsovereenkomst/compromis de vente). Well before the arranged signing date, we will send you the concept.  We make sure the notaries involved get a copy, so that remarks can be made. At this stage, we indicate “your” property on our website as “in option”. If you prefer, the sales agreement can be drawn up by the notary. In that case we follow up your file and help you complete all necessary formalities.

STEP 7: Signature

Once all parties approve on the contents of the sales agreement, we invite you and the landlord over to sign. We transfer your complete real estate file, including the signed sales agreement to the Notary of your choice so that he can prepare the title deeds. The latest 4 months after signing the sales agreement, you and the seller will be invited to sign the authentic deed. The sale is officially closed !

STEP 8 : Party time ... and ... “WIP”?

Congratulations ! Welcome to the “Happy Owners Club” ! Party time, And then… time to take some decisions : It is not a bad idea to already have some works executed before moving homes. That way, you can get into in a nice fresh home, and moving in will feel great! Do not hesitate to ask us for any advice – we can definitely help you with:

  • The phenomenon Home staging
  • Renovation and refreshing works
  • Garden: maintenance and more

We assist you with the right advice depending on your specific situation and personal needs. We work with professionals only !