Immo Isca and Easy letting – Thinking about letting your property?

Immo Isca is there to assist and advice you at each stage in the letting process.
We deal with furnished and unfurnished, short and long term, in Belgium or abroad, and even holiday rentals.

  • What is a correct rental price?
  • How can I find a reliable tenant?
  • How arranging the visits?
  • Will my tenant pay the rent on a steady base?
  • How prepare a solid lease ?
  • And so on…

Letting properties becomes more and more complicated and raises many questions.
The process of letting a property can be a complex and time-consuming one, but the rewards can be considerable when you get everything right !


More about our approach : “Letting, the different steps” 

STEP 1: Setting the rental price correctly

Letting without inconveniences starts with setting the correct rental price !
If you ask too much for your rental property,  many potential renters will not even visit your place : you lose precious time and create additional costs.
If, on the contrary, you rent out your property at a price under its market value you will definitely rent out quickly, but have no return on your investment at all !
Use a professional to evaluate your property to maximise your chances of getting the very best price.
Work with Immo Isca !

We have an excellent knowledge of the local market, including the type of properties to rent in the area, the potential demand for them, the rental prices being achieved and the kind of tenants who might be interested in your property.

We are able to establish an accurate valuation of your property.
In order to determine a correct and realistic rental price, we take into account the location of your property as well as its specific characteristics.
We also compare your property with similar, recently let properties in the area.

STEP 2: Preparing to let your property - useful info

There is a lot to do and plenty to think about before your new tenants can get through the door…

First impressions count for everything when it comes to property, so it’s vital your home looks its best for potential tenants. Maintaining this condition for all your viewings will give you the best chance of letting your home and achieving the best possible price.

So, what preparations should you make?
To be rented out easily a home should be safe and suitable, decent and attractive.
If it is not, you should consider some works to be done – from home staging to the more heavy work !».
We are happy to give you some useful tips and tricks to show your home at its best and to prepare it for visits.

STEP 3: Compilation of the Property file

When you decide to work with Immo Isca we put together a complete Property file, in order to work legally correct.
We draw up a clear, full description of the property, completed with a photo report.
We collect all documents that you do not possess,  but necessary to the rental research.

STEP 4: Presentation of your property – Marketing

We examine for each property in particular what the best way to advertise would be.
Most likely it will be a combination of :

  • A sign in the yard/ board on site – unless you opt for a discrete sale
  • Ads in local or national newspapers and magazines
  • Distributing your property to real estate websites, where most buyers begin their search for a new home :
    –>Must : Listing properties on major portals like Immoweb, Logic Immo, etc.
  • Your home will be soon displayed on our website :
    –> Crucial :  An efficient, well designed and managed web site !
    That is why we put so much effort into our own website : www. :
    Set up in 3 languages, with fully detailed and nicely illustrated property files.
  • Your home will also appear on our Facebook page, our Twitter feed, our blog and our email newsletters.
    We know the importance of social media in today’s online environment and it is our job to get the word out about your home.
  • Immediate transfer of your Property file to potential clients listed in our system for whom your property might just be perfect!
  • Immediate transfer of your Property File to professional colleagues- realtors and relocation companies.

STEP 5: Informing, viewings and evaluating applications

  • We respond to all requests for information and answer every single question : behind the requests you can find a potential tenant !
  • We work through flexible viewings: We manage the viewings of your home, ensuring that they are as convenient as possible for the tenants and that your property is shown in the best possible light.  Showings in the evening are also possible,  depending on the viewer’s working schedule.
  • After visiting we will ask the interested potential tenant to fill out our « info-file «  (meeting the recommendations of the Belgian Privacy Commission.)
    This way we collect crucial information about the applicant :  concerning his revenues, identity,  his history with a former landlord etc.  Based on this information,  we can conclude that the applicant can afford to pay the rent on regular base, or not.  And whether the housing is corresponding with the applicant’s needs.  E.g : A family of 5 will not be accepted for a 1 bedroom apartment.
  • We hand over all applicant’s files after closing the showings, and give you additional advice.
    Finally it is up to you to decide on the tenant that would best fit for your property.

STEP 6: Lease - Rental contract

When you selected the most suitable tenant for your propert, we prepare the lease, the rental contract.
We send the concept of this lease to you and your future tenant, so that remarks can be made and questions asked.
Before signing, we review the lease all together.  When everything is clear, all parties sign.

Congratulations!  You have found a suitable tenant!

STEP 7: After signing the lease

We assure the follow up :

  • Deposit paid?
  • Insurances arranged?
  • Inventory / Survey executed and signed?
  • Opening/transfer of meters – gas, electricity, water?
  • Lease registered?…

How much do we charge?

Your property is rented out through our agency? We limit the costs to 1 month‘s rent + VAT.
For this amount, Immo Isca accompanies you all along the letting process : We’re there for you you every step of the way.

We help you accomplish all formalities, from the compilation of your real estate dossier to the closing step, including the follow up on the deposit and insurance obligations.